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Old April 19th 2020, 22:49
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Wheel fitment issue

Ok, the last couple of weeks I have been able to work on my '73 Super. In the front I have switched to Maxx Struts (yellow springs) and disk brakes (with new bearings and stuff). The rotors are drilled to a 4x100 pattern and have studs pressed in.

So I have a set of 15" Motegi Traklites (gen 1) that I had new tires put on last week. When I put them on the rotors, they did didn't seat correctly due to the flared, back edge of the dust caps. The center of the rim was hanging up on it. I have gotten 1/4" wheel spacers and the rim seems to sit OK now but it is just making contact with the bottom edge (the bolt) of the ball joint. Adding a 2nd spacer provides plenty of clearance but when there isn't enough left on the studs to effectively put the lug nuts on.

Is it OK to cut the bottom bolt of the ball join to get some clearance? If so, how much clearance is necessary to not have them touch when I am driving? Is there something else I can do to provide more clearance? It should be noted that I am on the very top "ring" of the struts, so the least amount of lowering. Also, the front sway is not currently in the car. I removed the stock one to put a larger diameter one in and am currently waiting on the caster adjusting bushings for the larger diameter from Topline before I can install it.
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Old April 20th 2020, 12:19
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I had an issue of grease caps not allowing the wheel to seat on my sons bug when he was running 5x100 Subaru wheels. I fitted the grease caps to an old rotor and had my friend turn down that lip in his lathe.

I've cut the stem off bottom of the ball joint before, just leave enough room for the nut
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