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Old December 30th 2021, 19:15
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Imhor Pedal Set

I know a number of us have been curious about the Imhor suspension products, and I'll perhaps start another thread with photos of my kit, but this thread is for the Imhor pedal set which I purchased.

These are definitely no replacement for a proper pedal setup that uses dual master cylinders, but if you're looking for a potential upgrade to the stock pedal set...these suit the bill.

The kit assumes you have a late model beetle, and you'll be disassembling the stock pedal cluster and reusing a number of parts for this setup. The instructions are only in Portuguese, but are relatively straight forward and you can follow the photos basically. So far I've mocked them up in my '58 Beetle, and in doing so discovered a few things you may want to be aware of.
  1. First off, these will only work if you have a genuine VW late model pedal set to start with. Empi replacement pedal sets use a different size clutch pedal shaft and won't work. You also need the late model alumium casting to support the throttle pedal stop.
  2. The only instruction that wasn't clear was step #2 in the instructions. Once you replace the factory clutch/brake pedal with the new shaft, you have to grind the factory pin down to match the shaft diameter.
  3. The pedal set dropped right into my '73 bare shell, but interfered with the lip on the heater channel in my '58 beetle. Nothing an angle grinder and cut-off wheel couldn't handle.
  4. The pedal set uses stock throttle cable, clutch cable and brake master cylinder. Any modifications you make to your setup would be as if you were using stock pedals.

IMG_6134 by Dave Hord, on Flickr

IMG_4528 by Dave Hord, on Flickr

IMG_2492 by Dave Hord, on Flickr

I also ordered the Imhor foot plates, but I'm not sure I'll use them in the '58. The driver's side could definitely be cut much closer to the pedals, but I suspect it's designed to fit over a stock pedal cluster as well as their kit.

IMG_2927 2 by Dave Hord, on Flickr

IMG_1679 by Dave Hord, on Flickr

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