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Old August 25th 2007, 15:27
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17" Fuchs

At a local car show I saw a set of 17" Fuchs on a bug (shown below). Are these actual porsche items, or did the owner have a Fuch center mounted to a 17" rim?

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Old August 25th 2007, 16:59
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I've seen split rims made using 16" fuchs centres but never what look like one piece like those..
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Old August 26th 2007, 03:39
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Here you go...
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Old January 8th 2008, 11:05
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Lindsey's are awesome. I've seen a bunch of them in person and the quality is excellent.

Also, Rota wheels has come out with their own 17" fuch replica. A number of people on the Pelican Parts forum have them and they're liking them.

The Lindsey's are a 16x6" center that is cut out and welded/fastened to a BBS outer. You must supply core wheels. The Rota's are a cast wheel and they only come in 2 sizes as of right now. The advantage of the Lindsey's are that they're forged and you can get them in custom offsets. The disadvantage is price, as they are expensive.

If the car was going to see track time, I'd spend the money and the Lindseys. If it was going to be a street/show car, I'd probably go with Rotas.
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