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Old May 25th 2009, 15:37
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Yesterday I got the valves adjusted and teststarted once again.

Now it runs way much better...
Appologise for the bad sound quality. I was too close with my mobilephone while revving...

I also decided to continue with the WBX fuelinjection conversion.
(Back on topic... )

Still need to find some info on what tempsensors and where they go on the engine to make the fuelinjection work properly..

Any info would be great! Thanks!
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Old April 22nd 2011, 00:27
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I am interested in your fuel injection too. Keep up the good work and the pics coming too. Have u thought of having holes drilled in those single carb intakes for the injector??
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Old April 22nd 2011, 13:00
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Good Job

Hi, it's a real good thing that you brother is a machinist. The adapter is top notch work. However that was good for you current application. Why not go ported injection, with the help of these. Your brother could help you go duals or mod a IDF stlyled intake manifold already in the market, by adding these injector bosses; you would have a real nice fuel system. These injector bungs are right up your alley, they come in steel or Aluminum. There prices are not bad either.
As always good luck

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Old June 16th 2011, 11:36
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Hi om one engine I adapted the water temp sensor to the same place as the thermostat but it melted so I just commected the two wires to each other and it worked fine. Since this is basically a variable resistor which tels the computer to enrich when the engine is cold I am sure you could get a variable resistor and dash mount it for a kind of manual choke (South Africa doesnt need a choke much) You can also adjust the rev limit by replacing one part in the brain searc a bit on the net) My memory loses me on this one
I have found it to work well and have also thought of installing the temp sensor in a location where it would be in contact with oil as the sensing part is copper it wont melt
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