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Old February 16th 2005, 10:48
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Swing axle suspension, how to improve handling??

Hi guys
i have a historic racer (1969 beetle) with swing axle rear suspension. The rules does not allow us to change to irs. What mods can I look at to improve the handling?

This is my current setup:
-Dropped two splines
-KYB shocks all round
-19mm anti roll bar rear (z type like beetle original that mounts solid on axles)
-19mm (not too sure) front anti roll bar on front, beetle style
-removed link pins, installed rose joints to set camber on front
-lifted gearbox with a solid mounting to reduce rear camber to 1'.
-removed steering box and installed steering rack with long tie rods.
-front end has std select a drops.
-15" slicks 8" wide.
-discs front and back

What would you suggest I can do to improve the handling more?
The car tends to oversteer in the exit of the corners.

The engine is a 1776 type 1 for now... 2110cc in progress.

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Old February 23rd 2005, 16:02
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Im reading Chassis Engineering by Caroll Smith and he has a page or 2 about his days in formula vee. In formula vee they have the same basic setup as far as the swing axle rear goes. Here are some ideas he used to win in his race series maybe these ideas can help you prefect your car. Keep in mind these are tips for a formula vee car.

1. He said stock anti-roll bars are too stiff for a car with no limited slip. So maybe loosening up the rear end or adding a LDS might be an advantage.

2. He said he ran tons of ackerman to help the car turn in better and get more work out of the front inside tire.

3. He ran a wide front track to help the inside wheel do as much work as possible.

4. Made sure to have sufficent droop travel to make sure he didnt have an tire lift.

5. He also ran retivly soft front springs to help prevent initial turn in understeer.

Those are jsut somet hings to try. Hope that helps.
67ghia, 2.3T mid engine conversion, tube frame dbl a-arm, rx7 brakes, currently in parts collection/bodywork stages.
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Old February 27th 2005, 04:58
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Thanks for the reply.
At this stage I have not really got understeer into the corner, but a loose back end on the middle of the corner and exit. I'm currently building a locked diff for the next race... maybe it could make a difference as I think that the inside rear wheel spinns when I put the power on. Any comments..?
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Old February 28th 2005, 00:36
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I have a 64 I have posy??I have no idea what the rear driveline is like.....I would assume it has tru posy but I dont know for sure....

Dean Harryman
Grants Pass, Oregon
1964 VW Bug "Reismeuchelmrder"
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