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Old March 5th 2007, 09:53
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19" Mesh wheels... Will they look bad? Am I making a mistake?

I have found some wheels that I really like:

Width wise the fronts would be 8.5 and the rear 10.
I have 1.5" wider front fenders and 3" wider rear. I think they will fit.

The problem is they are 19", and I'm a little bit worried that they may just look too big.

I'm also worried about the tire sizes. Most of these 19" tires have a really really rubberband size sidewall. 215/35-19 for the front would be really really thin.

Does anyone have experience or any comments on this?
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Old March 6th 2007, 05:21
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maybe put 18's on the front, im going to eventually get a set of 18x8s and 18x10s i thought that was pushing it for tyre (sidewall) side, theres a black 73> on here somewhere with 19's or 20s on it, they look overly massive but the rear is a mile high because it doesnt have an engine etc in it. im sure others would be more helpful though.
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Old March 6th 2007, 16:38
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in general (and this is just personal opinion), i think anything larger than 18" on a bug starts to make it look like a Hot Wheel car. i would go smaller personally especially given the chrome.

as for the 10" wheels, depends on the offset. look at my profile and you can see 8.5" with a 48 offset on wide 944 rims. no spacers.
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