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Hoghead October 16th 2020 05:58

915 clutch cable
I have given up on a hydraulic clutch, and now decided to use a cable clutch for simplicity on my 915 gearbox project. All the 915 parts are in hand but for a cable

Is there an off the shelf cable that can be used in a Type 1, or am I going to have to make my own cable?

DORIGTT October 16th 2020 12:07

What made you turn away from the hydraulic setup?

Hoghead October 18th 2020 22:31

I am RHD, so no room between the brake MC and hump for the clutch master.
I could dream up some other mounting for the MC, but at this point a cable seems so much easier as I have the 915 parts

What to use for a cable?
I have a hydraulic crimper and machine work is cheap here in Thailand.

Steve C October 19th 2020 18:55

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I moved my master cylinder over and fitted the clutch master next to it

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